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Breakfast Program


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the year, we are pleased to run a muffin and Juice program for our students. Students who come to school early for sports, or those students who haven’t eaten breakfast, have opportunity for a muffin and a juice before they start school.

Every other week, the muffins are baked by a group of volunteers from our community. The muffins are frozen right after baking, and then they are taken out every Monday and Wednesday evening in preparation for our students. Orange juice, apple juice, veggie juice, and wild berry juices are ordered ahead of time, and chilled so that our students will enjoy them.
Jim Harrington is the administrator of the Osoyoos Secondary School Breakfast Program. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Jim and June Harrington arrive at OSS to give the muffins and juice to the students and all it costs is a smile and a thank you!
At Osoyoos Secondary, we feel that the Breakfast Program is very important as research will tell you that:
  • Eating breakfast gives students energy to keep their minds and bodies strong and healthy.
  • Breakfast helps students concentrate better, and helps them through all activities in the morning until lunchtime.
  • Eating breakfast helps students focus on school work without being distracted by growling stomachs or headaches from being hungry.
Osoyoos Secondary would like to thank all the many volunteers that help out with the Muffin Program. You are all appreciated.