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GRAD 2022

The documents below pertain to the Grad Class of 2021.  The documents will be updated in the spring of 2022 for the current Grad Class.  

1.) Overview - Contains all the information you will need to apply for scholarships. Please read it through carefully and you will find all the supporting documents below.

2 ) Checklist - Please fill out this form online and email it to: by April 16, 2021. Please put your last name, first name and name of document in the subject line of your email.

3) If you intend on applying for school-decided awards, print off your transcripts and include them in your application package. If applying for a donor-decided award, you must also attach a copy with your application/letter.

4) District Authority Award: See link below.
This award is for excellence in Indigenous Language and Culture, Fine Arts, Applied Skills, P.E., Second Languages, Community Service and/or Technology and Trades Training. You are required to make a 15-minute presentation to the Scholarship and Bursary Committee later in May in order to be considered.

If you have excelled at any or all of these areas and plan to attend a post-secondary institution, please fill out the attached application, include a short description of superior achievement in the chosen field and email it to Someone from the Awards Committee with contact you with your interview time.

5) Donor Decided Awards:
On the scholarship donor decided award list, several awards have an application form. If there are no forms the student will write a letter to the donor. PDF format applications will need to be printed, completed and delivered to either the office or directly to the donor. Awards have specific drop off/mail information as well as alternate dates. Please read the criteria carefully to ensure you qualify for the award.

If you are unclear or have questions please see the office for clarification.