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OASIS (Osoyoos Alternate School of Independent Studies)

OASIS is an alternate program at Osoyoos Secondary School, designed to help students whom, for a variety of reasons, are unable to be successful in the regular school stream. For the most part, students in the program struggle with a variety of behavioral issues, and OASIS provides each student an opportunity to learn in a more individualized environment, with one-on-one learning.
The goals of the OASIS Program are:
  • To support students to stay in school
  • To provide individualized instructional support to help students pass their courses
  • To provide a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for OASIS students
  • To provide behavioral and social skill support to help students interact effectively and positively with other students and school staff
  • To provide direction and support to each student, and help them deal with the issues that may prevent them from success in school
  • To support students in re-entering the regular school program
  • To provide opportunities for each student to graduate on a dogwood program
  • To provide opportunities for each student to be capable, connected, and contributing members of society
The teacher in OASIS works to ensure that the program goals and the student goals are continuously reviewed and worked on.

Enrollment in the OASIS Program varies from year to year, but each year on average, there are approximately 18 students enrolled from grades eight to twelve. All students in the OASIS Program are capable students, and the expectations for exams and course work follow the B.C. curriculum. OASIS also provides Life Skills course material to many students in the program. Life Skills materials cover issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management, social skills, defiance, and prevention of risky behavior. All students in the program set short term and long term goals for themselves, and work towards meeting their goals. Some students in OASIS have their goals outlined in an Individual Education Plan, so that their progress may be guided and monitored.

Each year, OASIS students are given opportunities to become connected to their community, both the school community and the community they live in. It is expected that students in the program will volunteer their services for both school and community events.

Each year the OASIS team works together to attain the goal of becoming successful and contributing members of society, both in Osoyoos Secondary School, and in the Osoyoos community.